Saturday, September 10, 2016

Three practical techniques for teaching Digital Marketing

Workshop on Teaching Digital Marketing 

This blog will focus on teaching digital marketing for educators at the undergraduate and graduate level.  I will be drawing on my experience since 1999 of teaching digital marketing and those of my talented colleagues in the area.  Although digital marketing seems daunting to teach, there are a lot of resources available that were not around when I started teaching in the field almost 20 years ago.

I wanted to introduce this blog on teaching digital marketing by pointing out that next week at the Marketing Management Association meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, on Wednesday, September 14th, I will be part of a team that  will present a Workshop entitled "Tools and Technologies for Teaching Digital Marketing  II."  This  program is a follow-up on last year's session which focused on vendor offered tools such as simulations, online challenges and training in social media management tools.

Goals are to Reduce Fear, Provide Practice and Resources

The session will be presented by me, Debra Zahay Blatz, St. Edward’s University, Janna Parker, James Madison University and Leila Samii, University of Southern New Hampshire. Professors and doctoral students who are interested in teaching a digital/internet marketing course or incorporating the material into their existing courses are the target.  The goals are to reduce the fear surrounding teaching digital/internet marketing classes by providing resources, to demonstrate some of the tools available for classroom use, and to get in a little practice as well.

No Experience Necessary!

This session is designed for those interested in teaching a digital or internet marketing course or incorporating the material into existing courses. These programs and techniques require no prior experience. We will demonstrate some of the tools available for classroom use and discuss how these tools can be used to develop a student’s personal brand and help them gain valuable certifications to position themselves in the workplace.  No prior experience or prerequisites are needed. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop or tablet device for hands-on engagement with some of the tools and technologies presented.   There will be new material covered so those who attended last year’s session will be able to learn from a different perspective.

The following three sets of tools and techniques will be discussed.

Technique 1: Industry Certificaiton

 I will talk about how to effectively incorporate certifications into the classroom, such as those offered by Hootsuite, Hubspot and AdWords. 

Technique 2: Partnership with IBM's Academic Initiative

Dr. Samii will present a technique for social media analysis with IBM’s Watson.  

Technique 3: Commercial website development tools.

Dr. Parker will talk about using Weebly, Wix and Workpress for personal webpages.  Here is the tentative schedule.

Schedule for Fall MMA Pre Conference Session, Tools and Approaches for Teaching Digital Marketing

8:30-8:35:  Introduction
8:35 to 9:10 Personal Branding Websites:  Parker
Use of Weebly, Wix, Wordpress to create personal branding websites, sample assignments and results.
9:10 to 9:45:  Certification Programs:  Zahay
Hootsuite, Hubspot, AdWords, Analytics and More!

9:45 to 10:20:  Approaches to Teaching Social Media: Using social media for research, data analysis with Watson. (Samii)
Program, what it is, how students can benefit, some examples.
10:30 to 11:30:  Workshop:  Break out sessions where we break in to groups to show how to access the various tools.

Contact:  Debra Zahay, Leila Samii, Janna Parker

You may still register for the conference here. We hope to see you there!  Please follow this blog to continue to get tips and feedback on teaching Digital Marketing at the University level.  I will talk about working with industry programs in depth and project and assessment ideas in the coming months.


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